JohnnY StocK has had the honour of playing with Ocean colour scene, Franz Ferdinand, Babyshambles, Ocean colour Scene, Boy kill Boy, The answeR, White demimn and The Holloways. BranD new ThanG and Back to the riverside were featured on the Oneills snowboarding final video 2014.

Worldwide radio play on Absolute Radio, BBC introducing, Peterborough fm, tropical fm.  Europea Tour 2015 included Paris, Ansterdam, Berlin, Prague Vienna, Munich, Venice, Rome

Florence, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian,

Bordeaux, and Luzern.

Johnny Stock has Played at The Reading festival, Isle of Wight fest 2013, Camden Crawl 2014, Glastonbury 2015, Thailand Koh Lanta, Thong soi 2016, and Shanghai china 2017.

2019 has seen johnny Stock playing shows in vietnam including joe's cafe in muine, and can be heard in venues around ho chi minh city where he currently resides, a tour of cambodia sprang up like a jack in the travelling box of spontaniousness  playing shows in mumma's kitchen, otres beach, koh rhong, the karma traders in kampot. 


Using different crossroads in the system, johnny stock has been travelling for the last four years playing music shows and teaching english as a foreign language. He is currently located in Asia where he is an English teacher, writer, and a musician searching for the waves and the good times.


There is always a new place to discover on the outside and the inside, there is always a river to swim down that floats you to the ocean of tranquility. There is always a sunrise after every nightfall sending a new daily life that can reset your body, mind, soul and spirit. The shows will always come and go and the waves will always crash onto the shore because you are the ocean, the drop, and the tide into the sea of destiny. That destiny takes you to the mothership ether of a new cosmos.

A transformation can be any wave therapy of perception and thoughts. Embracing a new world that is intertwined into or human psyche, its part of us all radiating coincidental waves of energy that can travel through, and with us, anybody can embrace the opportunity of another level of consciousness. That time and at the place is the right place and time, whether you are in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time. 


The time is always now. Thinking, feeling, and living in the moment can give any spirit a feeling of enlightenment within a web sphere pyramidal structure of our chakra consciousness. 

Fly through the centre of the cosmos that reaches to the galaxies that intertwine space and universal experiences that exists here, there, and everywhere in a microcosm macrocosm reality of a new space time continuum.